InnovatioCuris Foundation of Healthcare & Excellence (ICFHE) organized a webinar on ‘Introduction to Health Technology Assessment’ on 25 July 2019.
Speaker: Denny John, Evidence Synthesis Specialist, Campbell Collaboration – South Asia
Moderator: Dr. VK Singh, Managing Director, InnovatioCuris

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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a formal process of decision-making for drugs, devices, technology, and programmes in countries such as UK, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Thailand etc, for many years. The Health Technology Assessment India (HTAIn), currently under the Department of Health Research, is functioning in India since last couple of years. However, the process and method of HTA is not familiar amongst most healthcare organisations, including understanding why, how, and when to engage with HTA experts to support the ultimate goal of enabling patients to access healthcare interventions/solutions of value to them.

Outline of content
Rationale for, and development of HTA
Concepts used in HTA
Process and methods of HTA

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