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Look to your left. Now look to your right. Chances are, you just saw a computer. Probably more than one.

Technology is everywhere in health care — and for many reasons, that’s a good thing. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it can reduce errors. What’s not to love?

Well, a lot. Technology is not a cure-all. It can make people complacent, introduce new errors, and get in the way of meaningful face-to-face interactions.

Still, love it or loathe it, technology is here to stay and we need to learn how to get the most value from the digital world that health care increasingly relies upon. That will be the focus of our conversation on the June 1 WIHI, The Digital Transformation: How Technology Is Helping (and Hurting) Health Care. World-renowned patient safety experts Bob Wachter and Tejal Gandhi will share what they’re learning about technology’s impact (both positive and negative) on our industry.

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