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Moisturizer is the crucial final step to any skin care routine. With my skin being so dry and fragile, I’m always on the lookout for rich moisturizers. My ideal moisturizer should leave my skin supple for hours, and have a non-greasy finish, especially during the hot summer.

The Brand

I’ve always wanted to try LAGOM’s products after seeing countless positive reviews about the K-Beauty skin care brand. LAGOM was developed by top South Korean beauty makeup artist and a team of beauty experts and doctors. The minimalistic brand abides by the Swedish concept of “lagom” which means “just the right amount.”  Given my dry skin concerns, I was instantly drawn to LAGOM’s Cellus Deep Moisture Cream.

LAGOM utilizes aquaporin technology to hydrate and moisturize the skin. All of its products contain Aqualicia which activates skin’s water-channel proteins known as aquaporin. By opening skin’s water pathway, it helps draw moisture from the body to the skin, especially to the most dehydrated areas.

Key Ingredients

  1. Jojoba Seed Oil: Moisturizes dry skin and has antibacterial properties
  2. Vitamin E: Protects skin by fighting off free radicals
  3. Plant Callus Culture: Sourced from resurrection plants, it strengthens the skin barrier

My Experience


Before applying the cream, I patted on my hydrating serum and eye cream in order to test if the product lives up to its promise of locking in moisture from previous skin care products. I felt an instant cooling effect when I applied the cream, which was wonderful for my irritable skin. The texture was thick, as expected of a rich moisturizer. Nevertheless, it spread easily and was quickly absorbed into the skin. The cream’s fragrance is on the citrusy side and I appreciated how it did not irritate my skin.

My skin felt hydrated for the first couple of hours. As the day progressed, a tautness started to take over my face, so I reapplied the cream multiple times throughout the day. Maybe my extraordinarily dry and sensitive skin was to blame, but I found that reapplying the cream alone without serum and eye cream did not sufficiently hydrate my face.

Though it’s called a deep moisture cream, those with oily or combination skin should not be put off from giving this moisturizer a shot. Its light formula leaves a non-sticky finish for those who want their skin to be moisturized without looking greasy.

Final Verdict

LAGOM’s Cellus Deep Moisture Cream may not suit those with extremely compromised skin like mine. Having gone through countless bouts of allergic reactions and tubes of cortisone cream, my skin requires more intense moisture and care than this. Ultimately, the most important box on my checklist – lasting moisture – was not checked.

Nonetheless, this cream wasn’t greasy, and it didn’t irritate or break skin out. It should be suitable not only for those with normal to dry skin, but also oily and combination skin. Thanks to its cooling effect, the cream is perfect for use during summer. Its ingredients seal in the skin care products applied beforehand, making it a quality moisturizer for the final step of any skin care routine.

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